We commemorate the life of the Wilkins family and continue their work in Nepal


The Wilkins Memorial Trust commemorates the Wilkins family by continuing their work with the people and environment of Nepal.  Andrew, Helen and their three children, Hannah, aged 10, Naomi, aged 8 and Simeon, aged 6, sadly died when PIA flight PK 268 crashed on its approach to Kathmandu international airport on 28th September 1992. There were no other survivors.


Andrew and Helen were drawn to Nepal and its people, wishing to make a difference to their lives. They appreciated the splendour of the mountains, the beauty of the countryside and their children had grown up with Nepalese friends, speaking the language, and feeling ‘at home’ in this beautiful, but impoverished country.


Our projects continue their work: helping with rural community development, conservation of the natural resources of the country, helping to empower the poor through education and income generating activities, as well as specific work with disabled children and young adults in memory of the Wilkins children